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The Power of Prevention

Many People are under the impression that a lack of serious symptoms equals true health.  That assumption is not always accurate. The organ systems are constantly working to keep the body in balance. The daily challenge is to counteract all the negatives (stress, sleep deprivation, environmental toxins, lack of proper hydration, mold exposure and chronic infections) that are encountered. Over time the organ systems become weak and exhibit subtle then progress into serious symptoms.

Luckly there is something that can be done to slow this down process. Having a deeper analysis of organ dysfufunction provides valuable information on how to treat it.  This can be done all before symptoms appear.  Everyone is unique and will need a different approach to maintain health. Sometimes heavy metals are present, or it is chronic pathogens draining the body. Often times patients do want to be proactive and take supplements. It can be overwhelming trying to decide what is needed. Specific testing can be done so only supplements that are effective are reccomended.

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